OPN NC™ with TWIN-Wall Technology

Super High Pressure PTCA balloon with RBP of 35 atm!

A Swiss Technology That Sets New Standards For Lesion Preparation

Clinical case I – Lesion Preparation with OPN NC™ balloon
DES placement under challenging conditions


Clinical case II
DES Optimization with OPN NC™ balloon

SIS Medical OPN NC balloon specifications

OPN NC™ with TWIN-Wall Technology Technical Specifications

1. TWIN-Wall Balloon Design

-Unique balloon-in-balloon technology to withstand very high pressures up to 35 atm for effective revascularization of complex lesions

-Providing uniform expansion

2. Folding Technology

-Trifold in all balloon diameters

3. Markers

-Dual Platinum Iridium markers for high visibility of all balloon sizes

4. Low Lesion Entry Profile

-Lesion entry profile of OPN NCTM is 0.016″ comparable to standard lower RBP dilatation catheters

-Lesion entry profile* measured at the centre of the tip* Data on file

SIS balloon by radpad

TWIN-Wall balloon-in-balloon construction provides uniform expansion to avoid an undesirable dog-boning effect.


Extending your treatment options by high performance and safety, and providing success rates where other balloons fail.